Simmers Dream’s Fish Catch Simulator

By 04 March 2021

If your itching to get back out by the calm waters but find yourself with little time left in your day or you’re just too exhausted by your efforts of work, then there could be an answer to your passion for getting the tackle out where you don’t need to leave the house to hook yourself the perfect bass.

The Simmers Dream’s Fish Catch Simulator is the answered prayer for every angler that needs to keep their game up and get in some much-needed practice. The fish catch simulator is the Christmas gift that you do want your name down on, so what is it all about?

When using the simulator programme, you can enjoy the relaxation fishing provides by using wither the traditional tools of rod and reel, or you can opt for a spot of fly fishing or even ice fishing. You can make adjustments to your experience by adding weights, using bobbers or set up the equipment how you see fit with the environments you play in that includes day and night fishing. The simulator also provides an underwater view of the activity though, the reaction of programmed fish my not provide any real advantage, it is none the less an interesting feature to the game.

The fish catching simulator works on different levels you have to buy into, this can cause some is issues, but it tries to provide real-life situations. When you develop the skills to get yourself out of tight situations, you get the points to help you progress through the levels.

Within the fish catch simulator, there are over 10 locations to get the hang of, the majority of which are locked for you to unlock with your points tally. From fishing in the high mountains to the swampy lakes in Louisiana, the various terrain adds to the experience. Depending on the location, you may also require a boat to complete your challenge. Driving the range of boats in no doubt fun, you may even stray off the regular areas to see if there is something special lurking under the waters. Each boat has a fish tracking system to help you locate the ample spot for you to engage with, don’t worry though there is no fuel gauge and objects within the water won’t damage the hull, it’s all about the fishing and not how skilful you are that the helm of a boat.

The simulator offers a multiplayer option that provides a very interesting social experience. The avatars are left simple as to not distract from the goal of fishing, though discussions can be had through the simulator’s chatroom. You can add your friends to the social outings if you wish to up the fun factor, you can arrange your own tournament and play against your colleagues or join pre-existing ones.

The simulator comes with a fish encyclopaedia that details all the catches available within the game, giving full details and information about them also, like optimal luring methods and best weather conditions.

The Simmers Dream Fish Catch Simulator is everything and possibly more than what you’d hope from such a game. If you want the best catch, then get this on your hook and reel it in.