If You Are New to Fishing, Then Here Are Four Tips to Keep in Mind

By 12 March 2021

Catching fish can be a whole lot of fun; anyone who has ever caught a fish will be able to tell you about how much adrenaline courses through your veins when there is a fish on the end of your line. However, there is a technique to catch fish, so the more you are prepared, the better your chances will be of landing a fish. Below we are going to give you some great fishing tips that can help to improve your chances of catching fish.

Rig It Correctly

No list of fishing tips is complete without a mention of rigging, so we are going to start off with this. There are two important reasons why rigging is very important. To first reason is that a strong and well-tied fishing knot is not going to break when you hook a big fish. The second reason is that particular knots swim your lure or fly in a certain way that imitates natural bait. For instance, if you are fly fishing, then a Turle Knot is a fantastic fixed know that will make your dry flies drift properly. Therefore, if you are serious about fishing, you should practice trying different fishing knots when you have some spare time.

Swim Your Fly or Lure Properly

Think of how the bait that you are using moves naturally through the water and try to imitate it exactly with your rod and reel speed. Pull your rod up and reel down to cut the slack while staying in contact with your lure. If you just cast your lure out and then reel it in as fast as possible, then it will not look natural to any fish nearby and the only way you will get a bite is if Lady Luck is feeling very generous. Swim your lure or fly according to the spot you are fishing, and we guarantee that you will have more bites.

Do Not Be Afraid to Change Tactics

For novices, a top water lure is fun as it allows them to see the bait and when they get a catch, but if nothing is happening, then a vital tip for beginners is to know when it is time to change tactics. One type of tactical change is to cast your lure deeper until you find out where the fish are. Subtract or add weight when you are bait fishing, go to a sinking line or sink tip when you are fly fishing, use a spoon or jig, or opt for jerk bait. If changing lures and altering your depths does not better your situation, then your only other option is to find a different location.

You Need to Have Patience

Fish wherever the fish are is something that sounds obvious, but it is never a simple procedure because finding out where the fish are is not as easy as casting a lure towards some underwater weeds. You need to be prepared to change hooks, lures, weights, knots, and even your fishing technique in order to be successful throughout the day. If you do not have a lot of patience, then perhaps fishing is not the hobby for you. The saying goes that “you have the patience of a Saint”, but perhaps they should change it to “you have the patience of a fisherman”. 

What to Do When You Cannot Go Fishing

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