There Are More Similarities Between Fishing and Gambling Than You Could Ever Imagine

By 12 March 2021

For many people, fishing and gambling are two completely different activities with the only similarity between the two being that they both can be considered to be leisure activities. However, as we are about to show you in this article, fishing and gambling, no matter if that is at a brick and mortar casino or an online casino, have a lot more similarities than you could ever imagine.

Dr. Richard Pollnac

Pollnac and his colleagues, in a study carried out in 2011, declared that a fisherman is basically gambling every single time that they go out to fish. Just like with gambling, whether land-based or at an online casino, the earning for a fishing trip can vary greatly and are really unpredictable, just like gambling is. In an earlier paper that Pollnac wrote, he highlighted the fact that marine fishing as a profession comes with relative risk and is something that attracts individuals who have an adventurous, active, courageous, and aggressive personality. All of these attributes, he argues, can be applied to some types of gamblers, such as professional poker players.

Dr. Per Binde and Whitney James

Dr. Per Binde, in 2013, wrote an online article where he described himself as a researcher of gambling and someone that enjoys doing a spot of fishing in his spare time. He also believes that fishing and gambling have more similarities than people like to believe. For instance, he declares that casting your bait time and time again in order to try and catch a fish is really no different to spinning the slot reels over and over again in order to try and win a big cash prize.

Also, in 2013, Whitney James, wrote an online article where he also agreed that spinning the reels on slot game is the same as casting your line – there is not an awful lot of effort involved in either, but sometimes the payout will be extremely sweet.

Both Binde and James have listed some of the major similarities between gambling and fishing, and we have listed these below for you:

  • In fishing and gambling, you repeat the same behavioral process over again in the hope that you will gain something of value.
  • Both activities can change your mood and can be exciting and relaxing.
  • Both fishing and gambling can cause you to forget what time it is and engage in the activity for a lot longer than you intended.
  • You will come across frequent near misses in both fishing and gambling, whether at an online casino or a land-based one.
  • When you have success in either activity, you feel a great sense of mastery and achievement.
  • When things are not going right while fishing or gambling, you get up and you go and fish or gamble somewhere else.
  • In both gambling and fishing, one win or one caught fish is never enough. You just end up wanting more and more.
  • Both activities are more fun if you have a beet in hand.

Dr. Tom Rickets and Dr. Ann Macaskill

Another similarity between gambling and fishing is that neither is a cheap hobby. Back in 2004, a study was carried out on seven males who gamble a lot. They justified their gambling habits by saying that it is no different to what other people spend on other leisure pursuits such as fishing. One of the gamblers declared that some people enjoy going fishing and that it is a much more expensive hobby than gambling. At the end of the day, they saw no issues with the amount that they were spending gambling because no hobbies are cheap.

People Can Get Addicted to Fishing

There are plenty of fishermen out there, just like there are gamblers, that will declare that fishing is an addiction to them. They will think about fishing all day and will be agitated if they are not doing something that is fishing related. If it is not possible to go out and fish, they will feed their fishing addiction by watching fishing videos on YouTube. The only thing that they live and breathe for is fishing. Their addiction to fishing will ruin their relationships with their friends and family members. There are plenty of wives out there who have walked out on their husbands because they seem to love going fishing more than they love their family. Does all of this sound quite familiar to you? Well, the above is exactly the same scenario for those who have a gambling addiction.